Sunday, November 23, 2008

Always look at the knit as half finished, not half frogged...

Well, a month ago I broke my foot in an alcohol related accident (an intoxicated friend fell on an intoxicated me…) and I’ve pretty much been home on my couch, knitting while I mend. (haha, theres a pun in there somewhere, I just know it!)

One would think that breaking your foot would be a bad thing, but for me it has been tremendously beneficial as it’s forced me to sit still long enough to actually complete a project. I have successfully completed Xmas presents for my father, sister, brother and a friend, and am currently working on my mother’s Xmas and Birthday presents.

Not only Xmas presents, but I have also made myself a wonderful scarf (can be seen in my blog title banner) out of yarn that I was given as a birthday present from my friend and fellow knitter, Diane, and this evening accidentally made a slipper that I can wear over what I used to refer to as “this God-forsaken cast”.

As usual I was perusing the internet for knitting patterns and came across a super simple beginner pattern for slippers that looked pretty darn comfortable. (Here’s the link: a very simple pattern great fro a beginner, and even though I’m more advanced, I was being lazy and decided that it would be nice to knit something that didn’t take too much thinking. And these would be nice to go with my Mom’s Xmas present.

So I hobbled my way to the craft department at Wal-Mart and bought a skein of Red Heart Light and Lofty.

For some reason that now makes no sense to me, I decided to make the largest size. After knitting up one slipper I realized that they would be MILES to big for mom, cause they're gigantic. They will however fit ME while being able to wear a pair of socks underneath which is FABULOUS because my basement apartment with laminate floors and electric heat here in Western Newfoundland gets COLD!!!

Even better is that the slipper stretches to fit over my cast!!!

I can't even begin to tell you how happy this makes me because the cast is open toed, (and yes, bright pink) and my toes have been FROZEN for the past 3 weeks! I am a person who always wears socks in the fall, winter and spring, so I am totally pumped to have this awesome new slipper. :D My last 3 weeks with “this God-forsaken cast” will be warm and cozy.

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