Thursday, December 11, 2008

My adorable boy : The Multi-purpose Elf Hat

For Halloween my son, Caleb, wanted to be Link from "Legend of Zelda". I thought this was a great idea because it would cause me to improvise a costume, which in turn, I could make sure was warm enough for our often bitterly cold Newfoundland Halloween. I don't really sew, so I usually work with what I can find. His costume consisted of a belted green men's T-shirt with the sleeves cut off over a white turtle neck and light coloured pants and winter boots. I assure you, this is necessary because it's cold and wet and generally miserable here nearly every Halloween.

In my opinion, the one shining element of the costume was the green elf hat that I knit. I found a skein of green yarn that I liked in a clearance bin at Zellers, it didn't even have a label, so I have no idea what it is, just that it's some sort of acrylic. Mystery yarn! ooOOOoooOOooooooo.... The yarn is really bulky and I knit the hat using fairly small needles, so the fabric is sort of stiff, though the yarn is very soft. It can stand up straight if you want it to, or you can fold it over for a floppy looking elf hat.

Anyway, fast forward to this month, Caleb comes to me one morning before school and tells me that he needs a Santa hat for school that day (I love how much time he gives me to get things together.) I know that somewhere in this house I have a ton of Santa hats, but damn if I could find them. Instead I said "How about your elf hat? It's green..." To which he said "It needs a poofy ball on it!!!" So I dug out some red scrap yarn and made a quick pom-pom and attached it just before he ran out the door.

From Hyrulian Elf to North Pole Elf in a matter of minutes!

Now he's wearing his Elf hat just about everywhere, and it's pretty darn cute. It doesn't match his snowsuit whatsoever, but that pom-pom sure makes him easy to spot in a crowd... :D

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Knit - R - Done said...

Clever hat. My husband makes the kids wear wild hats on the ski hill so we can spot them as they come down the mountain.